Fuel your decision making with unrivaled business and technology insight.

Successfully delivering on your top priorities means making the right decisions in a complex and uncertain business environment. Drive your business forward by taking advantage of strategic advice, trusted insights and practical tools.

Strategic advice

Sometimes, information alone isn’t enough. Our global team of more than 2,000 experts, researchers and advisors equips you with the guidance you need to execute your key initiatives with accuracy and confidence.

Trusted insights

Don’t leave your success to chance. Save time and reduce uncertainty by applying trusted insights, drawn from expert analysis, proven peer best practices, and robust metrics and data.

Practical tools

The right choices are those that are best informed. From buyer-side analytics and review-based insights; to conferences with industry experts, your peers, and your target audience; to toolkits and guides—our suite of tools and programs will help you drive measurable business results.

Make smarter business decisions powered by analyst expertise.

As CEO of an emerging technology or services provider, you—along with your leadership team—need to swiftly scale your business and seize new market opportunity. Our expertise and analysis arms you with critical insights that you need to make confident, strategic and collaborative decisions to grow and expand your businesses.


We cover opportunities, issues and trends in 35 high-tech and telecom markets, regionally and globally, from both the supply and demand sides of the technology market.
We offer products and services designed specifically for high-tech and telecom professionals.

Expert interactions

Gartner’s analysts have had tens of thousands conversations with emerging tech provider CEOs– many have even been emerging tech provider CEOs– across the vast landscape of the technology and service provider industry. 
Our experts know what it takes to successfully lead an emerging tech provider business and can help CEOs make their most critical business decisions faster, smarter, and minimizing risk to their businesses. 

Webinars and conferences

Webinars provide actionable advice in a consise format from the world’s most respected IT analysts and experts. Keep pace with the latest issues that impact IT. 
Our annual Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference provides three days of vendor-exclusive Gartner research, dialogue and problem solving to show you how to exploit the exploit the digital storm to your advantage.

Improve confidence in your plans with trusted insights 

Insights are crucial to making the right decisions. And those insights must be current, objective and rigorously accurate. Give yourself a competitive edge with our forward-thinking expert analysis, practitioner research and robust metrics and data.

Rigorous methodologies 

Our methodologies cut through information overload to help you arrive at the insights you need to chart the right course forward.

Comprehensive C-level understanding

Our visibility into C-level challenges and opportunities means that we can map the full range of stakeholder needs, impacting the future of your business.

Independence and objectivity

We operate independently and objectively, with proven methods and methodologies honed over decades. You can be confident that your key decisions and initiatives will be supported by objective, unbiased information.

Rock-solid foundation in technology

We’ve evaluated hundreds of thousands of technology initiatives and solutions that impact the way we work and the value our businesses provide.

Transform your mission-critical priorities into measurable business results

Our practical tools will help you identify opportunities for innovation and tackle your mission-critical priorities, turning you into an indispensable strategist and value generator for your organization.

Peer Insights

Access to real IT buyers’ reviews of your and your competitors’ solutions to help you identify market opportunities, inform your product roadmap based on feature/functionality gaps and refine your competitive messaging.

Market Opportunity Maps

Quantitative insight provides robust analysis of changing market conditions for major product and budget categories. 

Market Forecasts 

Detailed insight into current and future spending by 7 top level budget components, subcomponents and across countries.