300,000+ proven best practices
380,000 client 1:1 interactions
14,000+ peer benchmarks covering finance, IT, marketing, operations and sales
2,000 consulting engagements annually
15,000+ clients – distinct organizations in more than 100 countries
73% of the Global 500 rely on Gartner
75+ global industry events
2000+ analysts
15,000+ associates around the word
70+ organizations with IT budgets over 25 billion CZK support their key technology decisions with Gartner advice
Highly qualified team with 12-years-experience in IT and ICT management as an average, 34 years in the role of the CIO
INSIDE – 4,000 ICT news each year Unique local market surveys

Insights You Need to Make the Right Decisions

Our vision: We help to develop a fair, transparent and innovation-friendly environment on the ICT market.

Our mission: We provide a global know-how for a more effective use of IT, an independent local research and a platform for sharing knowledge and experience across the market.

About the Company

Gartner Czech Republic, s.r.o. operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Gartner is the world´s leading information technology research and advisory company, whose mission is to assist its clients in making the right decisions in the area of IT.

Apart from sales of Gartner services, Gartner Czech Republic provides local support for top managers, CIOs and Gartner executive program members, and services in the area of IT benchmarking. More than 70 companies and state institutions in the region make use of Gartner via KPC-Group.

KPC-Group was established in April 2001. In 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2016 it was awarded the most efficient Gartner agent worldwide and in 2018 in EM region. Since October 2010 it has been the operator of the INSIDE information service. In 2023 KPC-Group was acquired by Gartner.

Our Team

We are building our reputation not only on Gartner research, analyst community and events, but also on a strong team of highly qualified local professionals. Our Executive Partners have a long-time experience with IT management in different industry verticals and most of our team members have been working in IT since more than 10 years. Together, we have a collective 130 years’ experience in ICT and more than 40 years’ experience working as a CEO/CIO or Head of IT.

Working at Gartner Czech Republic

As a member of Gartner Czech Republic team, you will work in a positive environment having access to new technologies, motivating benefits and career development opportunities. Join the Gartner Czech Republic and use the unique Gartner insights for the benefit of our clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as your personal growth.

Where You Can Find Us

Office and Invoice Address:

Bank Details:
Account Number: 587458001/5500
Tax ID: CZ26500281
Registration No.: 26500281
Registered with the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 86088

Data Box ID: j65gtda

Gartner Czech Republic Office in Romania:

Gartner Czech Republic
Calea Floreasca 169A,
corpA , etj 4 , Office 2048

Mobile: +40755058850