The PPM/PMO leader’s role has changed

Digital business alters how you deliver business value and achieve success. Remaining effective means reinventing processes, embracing new approaches and enhancing skill sets.

“By 2030, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things will play roles in projects such as data collection, analysis and reporting. For PPM leaders, new and specific skills will be required to ensure successful collaborations between smart machines and humans.”

Mbula Schoen
Principal Analyst, Gartner Research & Advisory

How we address your top challenges

Digital transformation will reshape how projects are run and challenge the value impact of PMOs. Emerging systems are starting to fulfill IT’s long-suggested promise — enabling machines to do what we thought only people could.

Become the center of change and innovation

The PMO’s future success will depend on the contributions and participation of many people across the organization. Read Research

Expand PPM practices to include IoT and AI functions

By 2030, partnerships between humans, smart machines and artificial intelligence will eliminate some 80% of the “work” that represents the bulk of today's project management discipline, practices and activities. Read Research

Start staffing the PMO with change experts

The future increasingly requires that organizations have the ability to quickly respond to market conditions, and individuals who can manage change. Read Research

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