Resources to build alignment within your organization

In an emerging technology provider business, every investment decision is important and has the potential to affect the long-term outcomes of the business. You, your Board and investors, and your team need to know that the investment choices you make will create real results and enable you to move your business forward.

Use the resources below to quickly and easily communicate how a Gartner solution can help deliver your critical priorities and accelerate alignment with organizational objectives.


Convey Gartner's unique value

Are key stakeholders within your organization unfamiliar with Gartner or the services we provide? Use this document to share information about our capabilities and unique ability to help you achieve your most critical priorities.

Download our Gartner for High Tech overview below.


Share the benefits with your team

Ensure that everyone who will have access to Gartner services uses them effectively from Day 1. Communicate details of our project-specific support with the team members who are executing on your critical initiatives.

Download our Team Solution Overview below.


Secure budgetary approval

Make the case for investing in a Gartner solution with your board members. Use this toolkit to convey how our service is positioned to help you to achieve your critical priorities.

Download your Business Case Toolkit below to help you maximize ROI from your Gartner investment.


Hear from our clients

Gartner helps business leaders in technology accelerate business growth with trusted, must-have insight and advice

Join our unrivaled global network

Our scale lets us commit vast resources to our clients. And with insights that are powered by our network, you’ll gain an unparalleled perspective on the trends, opportunities and best-practice solutions that are shaping businesses across functions, regions and industries.

75+ conferences

Gain new insights and collaborate with your peers in person at our world-class conferences, including more than 220 CxO gatherings and 75 global industry events.

100+ countries

The scale of our organization enables us to serve more than 15,000 client organizations across more than 100 countries.

2,000+ Gartner experts

Our unmatched depth and breadth of expertise is powered by our people, who are dedicated to 130,000 interactions with senior executives per year.

73% of the Global 500

Leaders from small organizations to global, multinational enterprises rely 
on our insight to achieve their mission-critical priorities.

Achieve the highest return on your Gartner investment

With Gartner you can accelerate decisions across critical business priorities for you and your team

Better decisions faster and money saved

Time matters. We know the roles of the emerging tech provider CEO and their immediate team and how to help them succeed in their roles. We help you avoid mistakes that slow down progress and momentum.

Research and advice

We cover the breadth of your role: from customer acquisition and business performance management to product strategy & launch and corporate development.

Trusted relationships

Our experts have trusted relationships with users of your technology and deep knowledge in how users are leveraging technology, today and in the future.

A model that works

Our engagement model helps you pivot fast and efficiently with on-demand and unrivaled expert advice, and works with you and your team through every step of your business journey.

Ready to Talk?

We’re ready to help you identify and excel against tomorrow’s technology and business challenges. Let us know when you’re ready to talk — or if you have any questions — below.