Our Priority? Helping You to Achieve Yours.

As a Gartner client, your priorities become our priorities. Our custom solutions enable you to successfully deliver the projects that are crucial for accomplishing your most important business initiatives.

See example priorities for IT leaders below.

CIO challenges

Digitalization and innovation are transforming your role as CIO from delivery executive to business executive — from controlling costs and re-engineering processes to exploiting data and driving revenue. You must help your organization move beyond digital experimentation and pilots, and bring digital best practices to scale. We have the insights, advice and tools to help you get there.
“Gartner helped guide us around our strategic planning, our future planning, enhancing our governance models to ensure that we’re firstly client focused but also outcome focused and contemporary, moving away from the traditional ICT Governance Model.” Michael Draheim
Chief Information Officer, Metro South Health

See how we support IT Strategic Planning below

Sample resources to support you:

  • IT Strategic Planning for the Digital Enterprise
  • Ignition Guide to Strategic Planning for IT
  • Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019
  • Art of the One Page Strategy
  • A CIO's Framework for Communicating Strategy

Questions we help you answer:

  • How should I adapt my strategic planning process for digital business? 
  • What business and technology trends should I consider in my plans?
  • How can I better communicate my strategic plan to others in the organization?

CDO Challenges

Data and analytics are at the heart of digital transformation. A solid strategy includes showing how your programs contribute to the organization's strategy and promoting data literacy throughout the organization. We provide the information you need to scale initiatives and drive digital transformation.
“Our long-term co-operation with Gartner helps us adjust our strategic decisions and mitigate decision-making risk.” Li Xin
General Manager of Strategy Department, INESA

See how we can help you foster a data-driven culture below

Sample resources to support you:

  • No Data and Analytics Vision? No Business Impact!
  • Fostering Data Literacy and Information as a Second Language
  • Build a Data-Driven Enterprise
  • Toolkit: Best of Data and Analytics Strategies
  • Must-Have Roles for Data and Analytics

Questions we help you answer:

  • How do I create a data & analytics strategy that delivers measurable business outcomes? 
  • How do I establish a data-driven culture and build data literacy within my organization? 
  • How do I ensure I have the right skills and roles on my team to support new demands for data & analytics?

CISO challenges

Security and IT risk management (SRM) is critical to every successful digital business. As information owners grow more accountable for the digital technologies they deploy, they look to you, the SRM leader, to inform their decisions and help balance risk management and benefits. We provide SRM leaders like you with the indispensable insights, advice and tools needed to achieve your mission-critical priorities and secure your organization now and in the future.
“The value that Gartner brings is both quality and validation. We can accelerate our decisions and be more confident about them the first time around; thus, it helps us to avoid extra costs. The analysis and the input from the Gartner research really provides support to our business cases and project proposals.”

See how we can help you build and evolve your information security program below

Sample resources to support you:

  • Planning Guide for Security and Risk Management
  • Information Security Presentation Support Center
  • Toolkit: Tabletop Exercise for Cyberattack Preparation and Response
  • Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

Questions we help you answer:

  • How should I adapt my security practices for a growing threat landscape? 
  • How do I communicate the need for security investments to my board? 
  • How do I avoid security vulnerabilities I can't see? 
  • Jak přizpůsobit naše bezpečnostní praktiky rostoucím bezpečnostním hrozbám?
  • Jak komunikovat potřebu investic do bezpečnosti směrem k vedení?
  • Jak odstranit zranitelná místa našeho IT, o kterých nevíme?

CTO challenges

Legacy infrastructure and operations (I&O) practices and traditional data center architectures are not sufficient to meet digital business demands. To support digital transformation, today’s I&O leaders must rethink legacy approaches to deliver new levels of IT agility and speed. Digital I&O leaders face a serious mandate: Build the right skills to optimize I&O or be replaced. We provide the insights, advice and tools needed to tackle your mission-critical priorities and help you move beyond resiliency and reliability to innovation and agility.
“What we have done lately together with Gartner formulating our business capabilities, and letting those capabilities set the premise for our IT Initiatives in our IT strategy has been very useful. That is one of the key takeaways that we have benefited from in the last six months.” Geir Olav Håland
CTO, SpareBank 1

See how we can help you build an effective cloud strategy below

Sample resources to support you:

  • Cloud Strategy Roadmap and Checklist
  • Designing a Cloud Strategy Document
  • Cloud Cost Modeling Tools Suite
  • Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing
  • Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing

Questions we help you answer:

  • How do I build an effective cloud strategy for my organization? 
  • How will cloud computing evolve? 
  • What are the latest cloud technology trends I should consider in my plans? 

Don't Face Your IT and Business Challenges Alone. Rely on Expertise and Dedicated Support.

As a Gartner client, you’ll have access to strategic advice and guidance that is tailored to your challenges from a team of more than 2,000 experts and advisors with deep functional and technology expertise. Our goal is to be indispensable business partners to you by providing high value advice you can apply immediately to execute your mission-critical priorities and overcome your biggest challenges.

Strategic guidance

What is the most pressing business challenge you need to resolve? 

Gartner experts will help you diagnose the issue and provide recommendations on how to overcome it based on our proprietary best practice solutions.

Project support

Our experts can help you plan or pressure-test your IT initiatives by:
  • Reviewing your plans and providing recommendations and feedback
  • Strengthening your business case with peer-based data and benchmarks
  • Identifying best practises and toolkits to give your projects a head start
  • Providing a clear plan to help you meet business timelines and objectives
  • Developing your leadership skills by acquiring new competencies

How to engage

Wondering how you would actually work with us?

Clients engage on-demand with Gartner analysts, advisors and executive partners, many of whom are former CIOs themselves. You’ll be aligned to the right expert(s) depending on your priorities and unique engagement plan.

Most interactions are conducted over the phone; however, there are opportunities to bring Gartner on-site* to your business and meet our experts at our events. *Please note that on-site services may involve additional costs.

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“This year's Application Summit is one of the best we have attended, we are working a lot with applications and our infrastructure especially regarding integration so the topics discussed in this Summit are spot on when it comes to content and understanding the business partners and vendors that we’re looking into working with now.” Geir Olav Håland
CTO, SpareBank 1
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