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As a Gartner client, your priorities become our priorities. Our framework provides a view of the many critical initiatives that will help you realize your vision for your business. Achieve your near-term goals and position your solutions to differentiate yourself from the competition, and build a plan for profitable growth. Gain confidence in your long-term ability to evolve your solution portfolio and explore new market opportunities.

Tech CEO Framework

As CEO of a growth-phase tech vendor, you and your leadership team need to make the right decisions across developments in technology and business alike.

Gartner experts have worked with vast numbers of emerging tech provider CEOs and know what it takes to successfully lead an emerging tech provider business.

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A Service Tailored to Your Challenges and Objectives

Your service is designed to help you accelerate your decision making by utilizing our independent and objective research and advice on developing differentiated solutions to help you grow and expand your business.

See how we can help you with your top priorities by viewing engagement plans for each below.

Acquire and retain customers

As CEO of an emerging technology company, you need to build demand-driven differentiated solutions and go to market with compelling positioning to grow your business quickly. Through research, case studies and guidance based on sales and marketing best practices, Gartner assists emerging tech CEOs in answering key questions that can unlock their growth potential.
"Gartner has really impacted the messaging of our business. Our marketing has never been the strongest in the industry. We didn’t put the resources there. Now we can tap into Gartner knowledge and come up with a better story." Ron Remy
CEO, Mobile Heartbeat

Achieve Product Success

Portfolio innovation is vital to technology and service provider growth, but failure rates are high due to misalignment with customer buying priorities. Portfolio success is grounded in a deep understanding of customers’ business needs and objectives, coupled with an understanding of the possibilities of technology—in particular, the possibilities presented by emerging technologies and services. We can help you evaluate market opportunities, understand user needs and adopt best practices for successful product and/or service strategies and launches.
"The other side was technology and what is going to be the roadmap for our product. What is going to be the future of the market? What is the competitive analysis at the moment? How are we going to differentiate ourselves? With Gartner, we are getting very critical answers to all of these questions." Gokhan Say
Co-Founder, ATARLABS

Effectively Manage Business Performance

Emerging tech CEO's are challenged to establish and refine effective measures for their business especially during times of hyper-growth. To effectively manage business performance, both strategy and tactics must be applied. We arm emerging tech CEOs with best practices and tools not to just measure performance but to attract and retain talent while managing the company culture as the business grows.
"I don't anticipate Gartner to be a one-year contract per say, it's really a multi-year relationship. This year is mostly focused on me and trying to build the right team around myself who can appreciate the business goals. So I think this year will help me look to build out a stronger management team." Rajan Vasudevan
CEO, OceanManager

Corporate Development

Growth aspirations will often compel technology providers to enter new markets, form strategic alliances or perform M&A actions. Emerging tech CEOs are challenged to take quick action on corporate development opportunities that they need to pursue for growth beyond their current products and customer segments. Gartner helps you with decision-making and actions needed to scale.
"The checklists, the prepared documentation, market research… it was really helpful because, while we are opening the new market, we get lots of insight from Gartner analysis… and based on that information we decided to enter that country or not.." Koray Bahar
CEO, Foriba

Gartner brings objective insights from the supply and demand sides of the technology market.

We work with leaders in every major function across the business. Our clients are from more than 15,000 distinct organizations of every size — 73% of the Global 500 rely on us for advice. We're a global team with more than 2,000 experts who understand your role, business, and industry.

Strategic guidance

What’s the most pressing business challenge you need to resolve?
  • Identify and prioritize the biggest growth opportunities to capture the greatest market share
  • Develop and validate a winning product, define innovations, drive competitive differentiation, and replicate success
  • Build a plan for profitable growth and understand how to execute an effective go-to-market strategy
  • Effectively manage growth, margins and ROI, see how you stack up against peers and stay current on best practices

Growth initiatives

Our experts can partner with you on your growth initiatives and:
  • Review your plans and provide recommendations and feedback
  • Identify industry and role best practices, toolkits and thought leadership to give immediate projects a cost and time saving head start
  • Provide a clear plan to help you meet business timelines and objectives
  • Develop your leadership skills by acquiring new competencies

How to engage

How would you actually work with us?

Clients engage on-demand with Gartner analysts, advisors and executive partners, many of whom are former C- level executives themselves. You’ll be aligned to the right expert(s) depending on your priorities and unique engagement plan.

Experience our insight live at Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference.

"We’re new clients of Gartner. Our most beneficial experience has been with one-on-one analyst interactions. The keynote presentations are very informative and entertaining. Clearly, Gartner is the authority on IT analytics and research." Kauser Kabealo
CEO, Development Consultants Incorporated (DCI)
It’s a new world for technology providers, markets are changing and business models are evolving. Business disruption presents both risk and opportunity. The good news? You can exploit the energy of the digital storm to your advantage. This conference provides three days of vendor-exclusive Gartner research, dialogue and problem solving to show you how. For more than 35 years, Gartner has produced the most relevant and highly regarded conferences for IT and business professionals. No other conference offers technology and service providers a more detailed roadmap to market success. View Conference Brochure

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