Services We Offer

Learn from Research

As a Gartner client, you get access to hundreds of thousands of research documents and best practices targeted to your key initiative and your role as an end-user or provider. Gartner research is regularly updated by almost 2,000 analysts covering more than 1,300 IT topics.

Talk to an Expert

As a Gartner client, you can schedule an appointment to speak to an analyst to discuss questions about your most pressing issues – your enterprise architecture blueprint, selection of the best available solution or contract review in case of IT end users, or, if you are a technology company, better understanding of how enterprise clients see your offering compared to your competitors.

Work with Local Expert

More than 4,000 CIOs and senior IT executives are members of Gartner Executive Programs, benefitting from customized access to Gartner insight and resources driven by a local expert – Executive Partner. Our Executive Partners have a long-time experience as CIOs in local enterprise sector and industry specific expertise.

Attend Conferences

Gartner research agreement include advantageous or complimentary access to global summits and local briefings with Gartner analysts. Gartner events offer a highly efficient way to identify important new trends and technologies across IT and the digital economy or in particular domains (data and analytics, infrastructure and operations, security and others).

Network with Peers

Exchange ideas, expertise and best practices with other CIOs, IT leaders and other executive members within your IT role, industry, or with who have similar initiatives and needs. In addition to global and local events, Gartner provides IT professionals with other opportunities to network with peers, such as Gartner Peer Insights and Peer Connect, online end-user platforms to share ratings, reviews and advice on software and service solutions and to connect to get the real-world answers and decision support from a trusted network of peers.
How We Help IT End-Users

Ensure the Success of Your Key Initiatives

Get an unbiased, outside perspective on best practices, contextualized to your situation and save time through our proactive delivery.

Select the Right Products and Get the Best Terms and Pricing

Gartner analysts will help you to select the right solutions and negotiate money-saving terms and conditions in order to lessen the risk of critical product decisions.

Run a World-Class IT Organization

Lead your team more effectively by including them in research delivery. Utilize your resources more efficiently by “extending” your team.

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Stay current with important innovations, know what emerging technologies and trends mean for your organization. Cut through information overload and hype.

Connect with Valuable Peers

Utilize peer experiences to test your thinking and avoid costly mistakes, extend your network to share ideas and lead discussions.

We will be pleased to introduce Gartner services for end-user clients in greater detail.

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How We Help Technology Providers

Innovate to Drive Growth

Drive innovation in your business model, products, services and channel strategy – through exposure to emerging technologies.

Build the Right Product and Service Strategies

We will help you to get visibility into what your customers care about and understand what shapes the buying decisions. You will be able to target the right markets and determine where to go next.

Develop Go-to-Market Strategies

Build fact-based marketing plans shaped by how your customers view you and your competitors; drive solid competitive positioning.

Win More Business

Gartner research and dedicated analysts will help you to better understand your clients and competition, you will be able to tailor your message to fit your audience and hence grow your business.

We will be pleased to introduce Gartner services for technology providers in greater detail.

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