Gartner Highlights 10 Common Cloud Strategy Mistakes


Cloud Strategy Must Coexist with Other Strategic Efforts.

Gartner Highlights Seven Disruptions CIOs Might Not See Coming


CIOs must take time to consider “what if” scenarios to avoid being blindsided by social, behavioral and technological disruptions, according to

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2023


Gartner, Inc. today announced its list of 10 top strategic technology trends that organizations need to explore in 2023. Analysts presented their findings

Gartner Survey Shows Significant Rise in Number of CFOs Planning Cost Cuts Due to Inflation


CFOs View Continuing Price Hikes as Unsustainable in Long-Term Inflationary Environment.

Gartner Says Nearly Half of Finance Executives See Self-Service Data and Analytics as a Driver of Employee Productivity


Companies That Invest in Productivity and Efficiency to Fight Inflation Will Outperform Those Who Just Increase Prices.

To retain IT talent, CIOs and HR leaders should embrace radical flexibility and retention conversations


Best practices and recommendations for improving IT employee retention and reducing churn as well as tips and recommendations for agile transformation

Gartner Forecasts Worldwide IT Spending to Reach $4.4 Trillion in 2022


Rates of Inflation, Geopolitical Disruption and Talent Shortages Not Expected to Slow IT Investments.

Gartner Survey Finds Only 29% of IT Workers Have High Intent to Stay With Current Employer


Survey Results Point to Looming IT Talent Retention Issues for CIOs.   IT workers are more inclined to quit their jobs

Gartner Says 20% of Large Enterprises Will Use Digital Currencies by 2024


CFOs Must Be Aware of Use Cases, Risks as Digital Currencies Change Every Aspect of Business

Gartner Predicts Chip Shortages Will Drive 50% of the Top 10 Automotive OEMs to Design Their Own Chips by 2025


Automakers and Tier 1 Suppliers Desire Greater Control Over Their Chip Supply

Gartner Identifies the Top Technology Trends That CFOs Should Address Today


These Trends Require Immediate CFO Attention Due to Their Profound Potential Impact on Finance Operations

Gartner Identifies Key Emerging Technologies Spurring Innovation Through Trust, Growth and Change


NFT, Quantum ML, Generative AI, Homomorphic Encryption and Composable Applications and Networks Among Key Technologies to Watch