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Regularly, a selection of inspiring online webinars with our analysts is put together for your convenience (on demand). However, we recommend you refer to the constantly updated comprehensive list of webinars available from Gartner website. Webinars are in English and accessible free of charge.


Upcoming Webinars

Raise Technology & Service Provider Relevance in a Recession to Drive Revenue

Analyst: Mark P. McDonald

Economic instability leads to uncertainty that delays decisions, reorders priorities and creates hardship, all of which change the context of consumer and business decisions. As buyer priorities shift, the relevance and effectiveness of current technology and service provider (TSP) marketing, messaging and value will change and likely decline without contextualization in the face of new economic conditions and context. TSP product leaders must optimize the pivots that the TSPs are making among changing market conditions. This complimentary webinar explores how TSP product leaders can increase the providers’ relevance to customers and prospects in the face of economic turbulence and the potential for a recession.


Gartner Panel: Demonstrate The Value of Data and Analytics to the Business

Analysts: Rita Sallam, Alan Duncan

Data and analytics form the backbone of the modern economy, yet too often the true business value of data gets misunderstood or miscommunicated. Data and analytics leaders across all sectors and regions have a great opportunity to reaffirm the true value of data and analytics to the organization and also exert greater influence themselves on the business. This complimentary data & analytics panel discussion looks at what you must do to show true business value of data and analytics, including a redefinition of value beyond monetary terms. You also will find out how data and analytics leaders can gain more influence by being better communicators and what skills you need to take the next step.


Gartner Panel: The CIO Leadership Implications of Distributed Digital Delivery

Analysts: Raf  Gelders, Jaime  Capella, Janelle  Hill, Irving  Tyler

CIOs must transform themselves into the top technology executive for their enterprise, helping the full C-suite to understand the benefits and challenges of new forms of technology production and operations that extend beyond IT. CIOs also must lead on establishing democratized digital delivery by design. Join this complimentary IT leadership webinar as a panel of Gartner CIO experts break down the key factors driving the need for new approaches to technology delivery, and what innovative CIOs and IT leaders are doing to meet the challenge. We also will explore how CIOs can lead in fully leveraging technology and ensuring that technology delivery is reliable, sustainable, cost effective and secure.


The Gartner Outlook for Cloud Security for 2022 and Beyond

Analyst: Neil MacDonald

Organizations frequently cite information security as a top obstacle to the adoption of cloud computing, yet improved security is considered to be a top driver. How do leading organizations strengthen information security to make the path to cloud computing easier? This complimentary webinar explores the current and future state of cloud security across infrastructure, platform and software as a service (SaaS) offerings, including hybrid cloud security and emerging distributed cloud and edge computing security issues.


The Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2022

Analyst: Melissa Davis

The Gartner 2022 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies highlights technologies that will significantly affect business, society and people over the next 2 to 10 years. What are the latest advances in artificial intelligence, composable organizations, blockchain evolution and human augmentation? This free webinar spotlights the technologies you need to track, and helps you determine if they are right for your organization.


Gartner 2022 Analytics & BI Platforms Magic Quadrant Highlights

Analysts: Austin Kronz, David Pidsley, Anirudh Ganeshan

Augmented analytics capabilities permeate all aspects of many Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) platforms. Data and analytics leaders should be promoting capabilities that support analytic consumers as well as authors. At the same time, cloud ecosystems and alignment with both business and personal productivity applications have become key selection factors. This free webinar explores how the latest insights on the market trends and vendor positions in the Gartner 2022 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms can help you determine the right direction for your organization.


The Executive Guide to Maximizing Hyperautomation

Analysts: Frances Karamouzis, Keith Guttridge, Chris Saunderson

The pandemic accelerated hyperautomation’s already unrelenting pace, while revealing the challenges you need to overcome. This created a need to digitize and automate processes so we can work remotely and virtually. It also revealed the inefficiencies, bottlenecks and other ills on the path to operational excellence. This free webinar delves into new data on enterprise hyperautomation initiatives that indicates hyperautomation often involves the orchestrated use of multiple technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), chatbots/conversational platforms, and robotic process automation (RPA).


Gartner Panel: Decide If You Should Build or Buy AI

Analysts: Whit Andrews, Moutusi Sau, Gabriele Rigon

IT leaders must decide whether buying AI from a mega vendor or specialist is better than the organization building it themselves. Choosing vendors now has strategic impact as smart selections will help with the success of the organization, and poor choices will delay success. In this complimentary webinar, a panel of Gartner experts will share our five-question process that helps guide the decision to build or buy AI. We will show the pre-decision conversation, discuss who needs to be part of these meetings, and then reveal next steps, including whether there are extenuating circumstances.


Gartner Finance Data & Analytics Hype Cycles: Understand Tech Innovations

Analyst: Grant Nelson

In the wake of the pandemic, 82% of CFOs have accelerated digital business initiatives, according to a Gartner survey. Through 2025, 4 in 5 initiatives will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance. For a paradigm shift, finance leaders must evolve their accuracy focused data and analytics governance and embrace more digital, AI-friendly, and flexible innovations. The fast moving data and analytics market offers many promising technologies and approaches, leaving leaders questioning if the hype is real. Join this free finance webinar to understand the finance data and analytics innovation landscape by leveraging the Gartner Hype Cycle for Finance Data and Analytics Governance and the Hype Cycle for Financial Analytics.


10 Rapid Spend Reduction Rules for Technology Executives

Analyst: Robert Naegle

Uncertain economic environments pressure organizations to find immediate IT cost savings. CIOs facing this challenge must determine how to approach cost cutting in the least damaging way to the medium- and long-term health of the business. This complimentary IT webinar, the second in a three-part series on how CIOs can turn tough economic times to their advantage, looks at the 10 rules that will help IT leaders realize immediate cost savings while still enabling medium- and long-term growth.


Gartner CIO Voices: Advance Digital Initiatives Amid Resource Constraints

Analysts: Christiane Groth, Steven Lachowski, George Swale

Each month Gartner assesses what CIO’s are asking us about the most. We’re compiling these insights into a quarterly update to extend guidance to you, too. Budgets, financial planning, and digital investment decisions have moved to the top of the list in CIO conversations. Dramatic change in inflation and recent economic shocks mandate an immediate reassessment of IT financial management strategy. Executive leaders worldwide already take steps to manage rising costs, but if these short-term issues lead to recession, the responses will look quite different — and more dramatic — as companies throttle back, pivoting from price hikes to cutting costs. CIOs need to prepare by evaluating which areas of spend add the most value and need to be protected. Join this free quarterly webinar, the latest installment of CIO Voices, as a panel of Gartner experts looks at successful strategies for prioritizing spend in an era of rising talent and vendor costs.


Gartner Panel: Move Automation Beyond Task Elimination in Financial Services

Analysts: Gladys Yeo, Jasleen Kaur Sindhu, Laurie Shotton

Deploying robotic process automation (RPA) has reduced manual repetitive tasks and error rates for financial services leaders. However, despite experiencing its benefits, financial services leaders still struggle with end-to-end automation of larger complex processes. As competition intensifies and technology capabilities mature, financial services leaders need to rapidly evolve their technology approach to move beyond task elimination. In this complimentary financial services webinar, a panel of Gartner experts will help you identify the right opportunities for automation to create unique value for business and customers.


What Product Leaders Should Know and Do About Synthetic Data

Analysts: Vibha Chitkara, Benjamin Jury, Alys Woodward

Synthetic data accelerates digital business by enabling artificial intelligence (AI) where data is unavailable or unusable. However, the market is nascent and customer awareness is low. This complimentary webinar draws on Gartner’s intensive interviews with more than 40 organizations to help product leaders navigate synthetic data’s opportunities and challenges.


Get Recession Ready, Technology Executives: Partner With CFOs to Fund Digital

Analysts: Dennis Gannon, Cesar Lozada

Tough economic times generate concerns of immediate cost-cutting directives. Yet, more companies do not want to inhibit their digital acceleration initiatives. Thus, they look for ways to optimize costs, to use potential savings or efficiencies as investments for digital acceleration. Chief financial officers often lead this charge, creating a need for a strong CFO-CIO partnership to enable short-term savings to maintain medium- and long-term growth. This complimentary webinar, the final in a three-part Gartner series on what CIOs must do to be recession ready, focuses on the steps CIOs and CFOs must take to build a stronger partnership that will be crucial for the success of the enterprise.


7 Key Trends That Will Impact Your Strategic Planning

Analyst: Marty Resnick

Inflection points and wild cards continually threaten to shake up industries. However, future-fit organizations survive disruption by actively sensing and responding to changes. Still, more than 60% of organizations do not have a formal process for this type of trendspotting, according to a Gartner survey. Executives who are not adequately trendspotting already likely will miss critical inputs to their strategic assumptions and planning. This leaves their organization exposed to blind spots and risk, limiting their ability to capitalize on these opportunities. This complimentary webinar will help executives across functional areas scope key trends and disruptions that enable accurate strategic assumptions. Find out how to factor in emerging macro and environmental trends that could impact your organization’s business models and strategic planning.


Gartner Panel: IT Leaders, Support a Permanent Hybrid Work Model 

Analysts: Tori Paulman, Alexia Cambon, Lane Severson

The pandemic work experience proved hybrid work is here to stay for many organisations. As per Gartner survey, 66% of HR leaders report their company is operating in a hybrid work environment today. Furthermore, 30% say they are planning for a permanent hybrid work model. Digital workplace leaders face far more complex challenges than deploying the right productivity tool or maintaining operational fitness discipline. For an effective hybrid workplace strategy, digital workplace leaders must address more strategic priorities associated with organisational alignment along with personal and team growth concerns that threaten innovation, collaboration, and disconnection from company culture. Join this free future of work webinar as a panel of Gartner experts look at what IT leaders can do to support a more permanent hybrid work model.


The Gartner Technology Adoption Roadmap for Midsize Enterprises

Analysts: Mike Cisek, Joe Rogus

Midsize enterprise CIOs often struggle with their decisions for technology investments. Important attributes such as operational impact, cost, security, and resilience are key to navigating through the uncertainty along with technology hype management. The Gartner 2022-2024 Technology Adoption Roadmap for Midsize Enterprises harnesses the collective wisdom of your global IT peers and provides a real-world look at technologies deployed by IT functions around the globe. This complimentary webinar combines the key findings from the Technology Adoption Roadmap with expert analysis from the Gartner Hype Cycle for Midsize Enterprises, tracking the adoption and maturity of probable key technologies, including the risks and rewards for your organization.


Gartner Panel: The Relationship Between Data & Analytics Technology and Talent

Analysts: Peter Krensky, Jorgen Heizenberg, Mark Beyer

Competitive fast-moving marketplace requires data-driven organizations which make tactical and strategic decisions. Shaping digitally skilled workforces and adapting analytical tools are keys to manage your data and build your analytics. However, shortage of talent and employees quitting their jobs creates an alarming situation in building data-driven organizations. It is important for your organizations to have the right people and processes to be successful with data and analytics. In this complimentary webinar explore strategies that can help data and analytics leaders along with hiring managers to attract and retain the right talent for their team.