INSIDE is an exclusive community of users and suppliers of IT services, who share their personal experience and are active in forming the market. 

INSIDE is also an independent information service covering Czech, Slovak and global information and telecommunications (ICT) markets. We follow and cover real events and analyze key moments thoroughly. We work with our own data as well as with outputs provided by leading analyst agencies. We have extensive archive mapping local and global ICT from 1999.

We are providing figures about sales, describe trends, publish our own as well as third party research and studies. We are monitoring changes on key management positions, mergers and acquisitions as well as large tenders. We are offering verified facts, that we can not only obtain, but also use to form reliable conclusions for your business.

INSIDE consists of four interrelated products:

  • INSIDE Observer (weekly e-newsletter)
  • INSIDE Report (printed analytical report and study precis)
  • INSIDE Surveys 
  • INSIDE Archiv (on-line archive of Inside Observer)

With a tradition spanning more than a decade, INSIDE has an eminent position among information services. KPC-Group, a company with profound knowledge of the ICT market, customers and research methods, has been its operator since September 2010.

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